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McIver Electric is your authorized Generac installer in the Lakes Region.

Generac recommends their automatic standby power systems be installed by an authorized Generac dealer. McIver Electric has been an authorized Generac dealer for over 15 years so you be can be confident that all local, state and national electrical codes will be followed so your results will be a safe, reliable installation you can count on when the power goes out year after year.

Why do I need a Generator?

If you are a business that relies on computers and other equipment to keep people working you will want some type of backup power to keep working. Computers and printers should all be on a battery backup power supply but that will only keep equipment on for a very short period of time to allow for a proper shutdown to avoid sudden power loss. Sudden power loss is one of the leading causes for corrupt data and data loss. A backup generator can help prevent the loss of irreplaceable files and avoid having to have staff sitting while waiting for the power to come back on. The money you would save in lost productivity and downtime would pay for your backup generator the first time you need it.

Residential customers benefit from a standby generator to protect food from going bad or to power emergency medical equipment such as oxygen pumps.

If your home or business relies on having constant power Call McIver Electric and we can match you with the Generac generator to meet your needs.

What Size Generator Do You Need?

There are a number of factors that you need to consider when deciding on a size for your generator:

  1. How many appliances and devices will be powered by the generator? A good ballpark estimate will suffice for this. Wrongly sizing your generator could give you false hope that an important household appliance will work when, in reality, the generator doesn’t produce enough power to turn it on.
  2. Once you have a list of each item, try to put together a list of the starting and running wattage of the respective items. This may be available on the unit or in the manual, so check there first. If not, have a Reliable Power technician take a look at everything for you.
  3. Then you will want to calculate the total power requirements in kilowatts. Again, this may not be easy for you to find and determine, so if you are having trouble, our technicians can help you.

Why Is it Important to Correctly Size a Generator?

Besides ensuring that you’ll have a generator that serves all of your backup power needs, you’ll want the proper size because:

  1. Less of a chance of appliances getting damaged: If they can continue to run instead of being abruptly turned on or off due to power loss, it helps to extend their life.
  2. Hassle-free maintenance: If we know going in that your generator hasn’t had any premature breakdowns or problems because of it being improperly sized, then the maintenance visit will go much more smoothly.
  3. Increased generator life: A smaller generator, for instance, will work harder than it’s designed to and will probably break down more quickly than you would like.
  4. No unexpected system failures: Again, a generator working too hard could stop working at the most inconvenient times.
  5. You’ll save money: If you get a generator that’s too big for what you need to power, you’re wasting money by having it generate that power you aren’t using.
  6. Personal safety: You won’t have to worry about it overloading when you or a family member is standing by it. It also means that you won’t be stuck without power, ensuring you and your family’s safety and protection in the event of an outage.
  7. Guaranteed performance: You’ll rest easy knowing your home will never be without power.

Call McIver Electric today and set up an appointment for your backup generator so you won't be stuck in the dark.

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